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 1g Full Spectrum Honey Oil - 72.1% THC

1g Full Spectrum Honey Oil - 72.1% THC

*The current lot of this honey oil is darker than pictured. Please note the color has nothing to do with quality - and is priced accordingly. It has a nice clarity as you can still see through it similarly to the photo.

If you're looking to make your own edibles - it's really easy.

All you need is a fat for this oil to bind to. For example butter/margarine.

Whatever amount is called for in a recipe. Melt down the butter via double boil - so you can maintain temperature - once you have butter in liquid form simply add your desired amount of oil and stir until color is homogeneous (oil is mixed thoroughly). Then make your recipe as you normally would.

No decarbing necessary as this is done already.

Typically, each syringe will have approximately 720mg in each.

So if you baked 4 cookies with one syringe you'd have 180mg per cookie. (720÷4).

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