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Split Orders & Discounts

How split orders work: We require all incoming order total amounts to match etransfer totals at the end of the day.

We will no longer be offering the mix and match option.

You can add  (for example)  2 different strains of 14g each totalling 28g.

What we'll do in the background on your behalf is take the total listed price of each 14g (example one is $85.00 another is $80.00) then we'll take the per gram rate of 28g of each strain then divide that by the amount you paid for each strain on your receipt.

In the example above would looks like this:

(Per gram value of 28g) 150÷28=$5.36

(Per gram value of 28g) 140÷28=$5.00

(Price paid for 14g divided by 28g price) $85.00÷5.36=15.86g

(Price paid for 14g divided by 28g price) $80.00÷5=16g

16g+15.86g = 31.86g

You will get 31.86g in total for selecting x2 14g instead of just getting 28g.

In the end you'll get exactly what you pay for as per the per gram scale of each strain shown in their respective drop down menu. 


If for any reason you forget to add the discount or choose to omit it, we'll add back in the extra weight percentage (if inventory permits).

For example you selected 28g/$150.00, paid $150.00 and left the code out. We'll give you (as per the scale below) an additional 5% total weight.

So in this case an additional 1.4g , in total you'd receive 29.4g for $150.00 (28+5%).

Conversely if you choose use the code you'll get 28g for $142.50 with no extra weight added.

$30.80-$99.99 = 2.5% discount - code: 2.5off

$100.00-$199.99 = 5% discount - code: 5off

$200.00-$299.99 = 10% discount - code: 10off

$300.00 - $399.99 = 15% discount - code: 15off

$400.00+ 20% discount - code: 20off

Please note all order totals must total $30.00 before shipping and after discounts have been applied.

Shop: Split Orders & Discounts
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