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Terms and Conditions

Last update: 11/01/23

All customers:

Please consult a physician and/or a registered nurse before using any cannabis product (including CBD & THC)  weather it be for recreational or therapeutic purposes.

Warning: Cannabis products have intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. There may be health risks associated with consumption of these types of products. Cannabis products should not be used by women that are pregnant or breast feeding. For use only by adults nineteen (19) years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Cannabis can be potentially fatal to pets. Cannabis products can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of cannabis products.

Please submit to us your ID first – we require to see this once before we send out your first order. Must be your current (not expired) government issued photo ID so we can verify your age (must be 19+). Either use the website's speech balloon on the bottom right of your screen, email or social media.

Minimum of $30.00 before shipping/delivery fees have been applied and after discounts have been applied - per order please. All prices include HST.

We always offer top shelf products at the most affordable prices possible BUT market prices can fluctuate so we try our best to have a stable price point. Inevitably supply and demand ultimately dictates our cost – therefore your cost at the end of the day. 

Market prices historically has risen (10-30%) in the summer months. We cannot control it. Farmers demand more so we have to pay more unfortunately. We'll do our best to keep a stable price point all the same. Thanks in advance for everybody’s understanding in these matters.

First time orders get $20.00 off their first order with the promo code " first ". Some restrictions apply, please only one "first" promo code per household. Message if you have any questions. 

Refer a friend and get $20.00 off your next order. Once your referral has made their first order you can use the promo code  " referral "  to get $20.00 off your next order.

Plese ask your friend to include your name in their order notes for you to qualify for the referral discount, thanks!

Order during the week (before or after) of your birthday and receive a freebie on us – may be asked for ID to verify (as we do not keep ID's on file for your protection).

We can place delivery orders in a mailbox or safe drop location that you provide, however we are no longer responsible for your order once it is left unattended in the mailbox/safedrop location provided.

All orders are always sealed in vacuum-sealed packages and then placed in recyclable brown paper bags, camouflaging your order from sight and smell, this is for your security and ours.

Unfortunately we may not be able to process orders or reply to emails during times which we have indicated we are closed. Multiple emails will not get orders processed or questions answered any faster. We fill all orders and answer all emails in chronological order as we are a first come first serve, traditional type of business.

Please refrain from messaging us requesting for new product ETA’s. We appreciate and understand you are all anxious and interested to try our next new products. We rely on many suppliers, each is different and have different methods. Sometimes the products WE request do not arrive as requested or are delayed for various reasons. In saying this we will not post new items until we actually have them and they are ready for sale.

Secondly, please refrain from sending us chit-chat type messages. We like to keep things professional and use our channels of communication to discuss orders etc. We’d appreciate if it was kept that way so we can focus on our work to get customers orders prepared and sent out asap without any additional distractions. We appreciate your understanding in these matters.

Also, please note: we do not consume cannabis ourselves (no joke!). Please refrain from messaging us and asking us what do we think of particular strains or comparison of strains as we legitimately have no idea. We provide as much information as possible to help you make up your mind, including photos, price, THC content and description of strains all of which are provided by Please take those descriptions with a grain of salt as most of them were written years ago. Cannabis effects everyone differently and no 2 strains are the same (even if they share the same name). On many occasions we've had strains which greatly varied in quality, taste, appearance, nose and THC content but both had he same "name". Typically we say as a rule of thumb don't get hung up on a particular strain name for these very reasons. Techniques, environment and genetics play an important role in quality cannabis all of which vary from farmer to farmer, even from the same farmer could yield different flowers from the same strain if there is a variation in their method..

We require all incoming order total amounts to match etransfer totals at the end of the day so please ensure the correct amount is sent to avoid awkward emails.

In regards to "splt orders":
Simply select (for example) x2 7g Increments and add to the cart. What we do behind the scenes on your behalf is take the total amount sent, divide that (for example) by 2, then divide that number by the price per gram if you were to have bought 14g (for example) of that product. So in the end you will get over 7g of each (for example) Requested item. We do this automatically for any order that comes in with multiples. :) 

In the end you'll always get what you pay for based on a $X.XX per gram increment structure - which are all shown on each menu item.

Hours of operation are TYPICALLY 7:30am – 7:30pm. Feel free to send in orders 24/7/365.

Once your order is received and being processed we will send you a confirmation invoice to a provided email. No need to message us to verify if your order was received - as long as you have received an order number then we have received and are processing your order. Some days may take longer than others to process orders. However we do strive to have orders in hand about an hour after receiving your order - unfortunately we cannot guarantee this but do our absolute best to keep things moving as fast as possible (without breaking any traffic laws). Please not the summer and fall seasons are road construction season locally - deliveries may be somewhat delayed as a result. We apologize in advance if this occurs and and any inconvenience it may cause.

We will not accept etransfers until we leave for delivery to you next. Once we accept payment means you're next in line to be delivered to and typical ETA is 20/30mins from acceptance of etransfer, but could be sooner (or later) depending on where we are leaving from before you / traffic / weather.

We do offer reserves / holds. A fee of $10.00 must be applied from the menu to remove your order from our inventory. Please contact us first, and we'll direct you how to add the addional fee. Then you can send in your order with this addition and we’ll remove it from inventory. We'll then prepare and vacuum seal your order right away. It will be sent out once payment is received in full. Once an order has been removed from inventory it cannot be altered so please be sure of your request. These orders once sealed are treated as sold.

Transfer email:

Please ensure our recipient name is ” SS ” Or "Sunrise" if this name is not present we may not be able to accept the payment an could l request you to cancel the etransfer (which may cost you money) and delete or change the recipient information, then resend with the proper name. Please DO NOT have anything cannabis related here or anywhere in the etransfer whatsoever - THESE TRANSFERS WILL BE REJECTED!!!

For the question regarding the e-transfer you may simply mash the keyboard with random characters this will indicate to us what the password will be or you can simply write ” sunrise “. Please DO NOT allow this area to match the password – the password will always be the same!

To avoid any additional delays or errors on our behalf, please ensure that the password for etransfers is always: ” golden17 “.

Please send payment amount that matches amount showing on your receipt and do not round down. Although we appreciate a tip rounded up, we do pay HST/GST on all sales (and tips) which we have built in to the price of each item and kindly ask the full amount be paid to avoid any awkward conversations.

We will not discuss any type of information regarding if anybody may be a customer or share any information whatsoever about other potential customers with anyone under any circumstances. If you or someone else is concerned regarding their cannabis usage or for whatever other reasons, please contact them yourselves directly. As we respect everyone’s right to privacy, we will never pass along messages or provide any information whatsoever to anybody – ever!

This is a small operation (we’re not greedy and trying to be millionaires) and have a limited client list. We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody at anytime for any reason. Please email us with any questions you may have.

All sale’s are final, no exchanges or refunds. Our products are always top notch and would never require returning regardless. 

Please educate yourself regarding strains and their effects. A simple trick we used was Indica puts you " In-da-couch " and Sativa is " S " timulating. 

Sometimes there may be lacking flavor or unpleasant flavor, typically price will dictate issues like this but we will never offer something considered sub-par. 




If you ever have any problems or concerns with an order (which should never happen) - but we're all human and mistakes can certainly happen - please never hesitate to message us in a calm, respective manner and we will most certainly work diligently with you to resolve any potential problem. We appreciate your understanding in these matters.

Mail out customers:

Due to the COVID-19 changes in Canada post policies: we cannot guarantee or control shipments will not be safe dropped with canada post, we apologize for any inconvenience this causes. That being said unfortunately we cannot cover packages that have issues with shipping.

We always ship in discreet vacuum sealed, double layered packaging – just in case Canada post ends up tearing the outside packaging, no one will be able to see the contents or a vacuum sealed bag. This is for our security and yours too!

All orders received after 2:00pm may be mailed out the next business day.

All orders are provided with a tracking number so when delivery has occurred we both will know – this is your delivery guarantee.

We default send without signatures, if you do live in a potentially high crime area with door-to-door delivery and require a signature please indicate so on your order. If your order is stolen and signature is declined we will not be able to reimburse or replace your order.

If you have a locking community mailbox there is generally no need for a signature, but your choice inevitably. If you do ask for a signature, have a community mailbox and miss the signature – there is a potential that you MAY not be able to collect your order until the next day.

If an order shows as being successfully delivered, we will not be able to reimburse or re-send an order.

If your order does not show up and potentially lost / stolen, we will investigate. Please do not contact Canada post regarding this or that will void this guarantee.

If your original order does happen to show up please either pay for it and keep it or let us know you are returning it to us and we will provide you with a return address – DO NOT mark return to sender.

We’ll keep an eye on the original tracking number also for at least a month or two afterwards while all of this is happening

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